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Harry Potter Trivia!

Class Syllabus

HP Trivia Term Syllabus

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Harry Potter Trivia Course Syllabus for this term! This will tell you what we are doing each week! This term we do not have a theme that we are studying; instead we will just study random things, depending on what you, the students, would like.

#Unit 1--Oddities and Coincidences
#Lesson 1: References to the Numbers 7 and 12
#Lesson 2: Socks, Noses, and the Color Purple
#Lesson 3: Watches, Flowers, and Other Coincidences
#Lesson 4: Unit 1 Quiz
#Unit 2--Mid-term Break
#Lesson 5: Extra Credit Essay

#Unit 3--Death Eaters
#Lesson 6: Introduction and Basic History
#Lesson 7: List of Death Eaters, Part 1 (A-K)
#Lesson 8: List of Death Eaters, Part 2 (L-Z)
#Lesson 9: Deaths, Injuries, and Disappearances
#Lesson 10: Unit 3 Quiz

*Unit 4--O.W.L.S.
*Lesson 11: Review Test (2 weeks long)
_Lesson 12: O.W.L.S.

#=Already Done
*=Currently Studying
_=Haven't Done Yet

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**You have two weeks to complete your tests so they will be due on Thursday, August 24. O.W.L.s will be posted on Friday, August 25.**