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Harry Potter Trivia!

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Welcome to Harry Potter Trivia!!!

Hello students, and welcome to Harry Potter Trivia!  All homework will be due on Friday evenings, and the class will be updated on either Friday nights or Saturday mornings! I am Alex, I'm in Ravenclaw, and my neopets username is alexalexalex234!  I also have AIM, Yahoo!, and MSN (but I'm mainly on AIM)!  You can find those screennames on the "Contact Me" page!  In Harry Potter Trivia, you should TRY to attend as many classes as possible, but usually this is very hard (since it's summer) so if you miss one and want to know what the lesson was, just neomail me and tell me your email if you have one so I can email you the lesson. This term we will study Oddities and Coincidences, Death Eaters, and maybe some other fun stuff. I am willing to give 25 extra credit points to anyone with great suggestions for my class or who points out a mistake in my teachings. Have a great term!

Lesson 10 Points:

R-170 (Selina)
S-185 (Leslie)

Coming Up:

Aug. 18-Review Test still up
Aug. 24-Review Test must be turned in by 5:00 pm NST
Aug. 25-O.W.L.s
Aug. 30-O.W.L.s must be turned in by 5:00 pm NST
Aug. 31-O.W.L. results; awards

**Thanks for a great term!**

**You have two weeks to complete your tests so they will be due on Thursday, August 24. O.W.L.s will be posted on Friday, August 25.**