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Lesson 11--Review Test

Hello everyone!! Welcome to the new term of HP Trivia. This is the page that the lesson of today is on, so make sure you come here before trying to answer the homework questions!

Today we will be starting Unit 4 (O.W.L.s) by taking a review test. This test will consist of 20 questions, along with 1 extra credit question. Like usual, they will all be worth 10 points. There will be 8 questions from Unit 1, 2 questions from Unit 2, and 10 questions from Unit 3. Each unit will have its own type of questions, and those types will be found in parentheses next to the unit number. About 75% of the questions from each unit can be found on the Previous Lessons page, while the other 25% of them will be strictly from the lessons. This is just how O.W.L.s will be, so be prepared. Well, good luck!

**You have two weeks to complete your tests so they will be due on Thursday, August 24. O.W.L.s will be posted on Friday, August 25.**